How to Become a CPA in Missouri? (2022 Requirement Update)

Aspiring CPAs in Missouri must go through the Missouri State Board of Accountancy’s requirements to get a license. Employment as a CPA requires a CPA license, which also applies to Missouri.

Applicants must go through three steps during their journey to becoming a CPA. Each of these steps has various requirements set by the board. Therefore, it is crucial to go through each step and meet all of those requirements.

How to Become a CPA in Missouri?

Aspiring CPAs in Missouri must start with formal education. Once they obtain the education and meet the board’s requirements, they must take and pass the Uniform CPA Exam.

Lastly, they must also satisfy the experience requirements set by the board. While each step may take a long time to complete, applicants must go through them in sequence.

Educational Requirements

Aspiring CPAs in Missouri must first start with obtaining formal education. During this period, they must also meet the Missouri State Board of Accountancy’s requirements.

Formal education is crucial for understanding the fundamental concepts in accounting. It also helps in passing the Uniform CPA exam and during practical work experience.

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements during their educational period.

  • Applicants must enroll in an accredited university or college that offers an accounting program. They must obtain 150 semester hours of college credit and at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants that have already enrolled in or graduated from a university or college must ensure the board accepts their college credits.
  • Applicants must meet the residency requirements for Missouri. Therefore, applicants must be one of the following:
    • A resident of the state.
    • Regularly employed in the state.
    • Have a place of business in the state.
  • Applicants must enroll in suitable coursework, which must include the following.
    • 33 semester hours in accounting, which includes the following.
      • 1 course in auditing.
      • 18 semester hours in upper-division accounting courses, not including accounting law or business law courses.
    • 27 semester hours in general business courses.
  • Applicants with CPA review courses can also apply to meet the 150 semester hours credit requirement. The board also accepts community college, CLEP, correspondence, and online courses from accredited colleges.
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Uniform CPA Exam

Once applicants obtain a formal education, they must apply to take the Uniform CPA Exam in Missouri. This exam consists of several sections, which applicants have to pass to move to the next step.

They must go through the following steps to take their exam.

  • Applicants must apply with the CPA Examination Services (CPAES) through their website or offline application forms.
  • They must also submit the following documents with their application as well.
    • Official college transcript in a sealed envelope from the school.
    • If applicants are still attending college, they must also submit a Certificate of Enrollment form signed by a college official.
    • Payment for application and examination fee.
  • Applicants must then schedule their exam in one of the approved locations after receiving their notice to schedule. They must do so through Prometric.

Experience Requirements

Meeting experience requirements is the last step in becoming a CPA. Once applicants go through this process, they can apply to get their CPA license in Missouri.

However, during this process, they must meet several requirements set by the board. These include the following.

  • Applicants must pass the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)’s Home Study Course on Professional Ethics.
  • They must also acquire one year (or 2,000 hours) of experience. This experience must meet the following requirements.
    • It must be supervised by a CPA licensed in the US.
    • It must be in one of the following.
      • Academia.
      • Government.
      • Industry.
      • Private practice.
    • For applicants in positions responsible for signing reports or supervising attest services, it is also mandatory to obtain an additional year (or 2,000 hours) of experience. This experience must be in the following.
      • The practice of public accounting in a CPA firm.
      • Working as a government auditor.
    • The experience must include a combination of the following competencies and skills.
      • Accounting
      • Attest
      • Compilation
      • Consulting
      • Governmental accounting, budgeting, or auditing
      • Management Advisory
      • Review
      • Tax
  • Applicants must have their supervising CPA (or Endorser) complete the Experience section of the Application for Initial License to Practice Public Accounting. The supervising CPA must also sign the Endorser-Experience Addendum in the presence of a Notary Public.
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Given below is a summary of how to become a CPA in Missouri.

  • Applicants must go through a formal education period. They must also meet all the educational requirements set by the Missouri State Board of Accountancy.
  • They must take and pass the Uniform CPA Exam in Missouri.
  • They must then meet the experience requirements set by the board.
  • Lastly, they must apply for their Missouri CPA license.


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