Step By Step How To become a CPA in South Dakota (2022)

Aspiring CPAs in South Dakota must meet the requirements to get their CPA license. The South Dakota Board of Accountancy dictates these requirements.

Certified Public Accountants are professionals of the accounting profession and are in high demand. The board has some specific requirements that candidates must satisfy before getting their licenses.

How to become a CPA in South Dakota?

As with other states, the steps to getting a CPA license are similar in South Dakota, however, the requirements differ.

Firstly, aspiring CPAs have to obtain a formal education and a degree. Once they do so, they can take the Uniform CPA test.

Lastly, they must meet the experience requirements set by the board. Once they go through all these steps, they can get their South Dakota CPA license.

Educational Requirements

Going through formal education is crucial for CPAs. This education helps aspiring CPAs understand the fundamentals of the accounting profession.

They can use the knowledge to pass the Uniform CPA Exam and during their practical experience period. Candidates must also fulfill some specific requirements during their educational period.

  • Candidates must enroll in a South Dakota university that offers accounting programs. Candidates must also verify that their education is acceptable to the board. The same applies to candidates who have already graduated from or enrolled in an accounting program.
  • Candidates who have taken coursework at a two-year college may also apply if the college is regionally accredited.
  • The board also accepts courses taken at an online college if the college is regionally accredited.
  • Candidates who have studied at an anon-accredited college or university can also apply. However, the board will honor their credits if:
    • An accredited college accepts the candidate into a graduate-level business program.
    • Their institution wasn’t accredited at the time of education but was accredited at the time of application. However, their graduation requirements must have been substantially similar before receiving accreditation.
    • They complete 15 semester hours (or 22 quarter hours) including 9 semester hours (13 quarter hours) in accounting through an accredited institution after they get their bachelor’s degree.
  • Candidates who studied outside the US can also apply if they get their transcripts evaluated through an evaluation service.
  • Candidates must also choose the right classes. Correspondence, online or CPA review courses, and CLEP credits are acceptable if they appear on the candidate’s official transcripts.
  • Candidates need a bachelor’s or graduate degree with 150 semester hours (or 225 quarter hours) of a college education. It must include the following.
    • At least 24 semester hours (or 36 quarter hours) in accounting. These courses can include elementary/principles of accounting and at least one course each in one of the following.
      • Auditing
      • Cost accounting
      • Intermediate or advanced accounting
      • Taxation
    • At least 24 semester hours (or 36 quarter hours) in business subjects other than accounting.
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Uniform CPA Exam

The next step for candidates is to take their Uniform CPA Exam. The requirements for the exam are as below.

  • Candidates must be within at least 100 days of fulfilling the board’s educational requirements.
  • Candidates must apply directly through the board to take the exam. Along with their application, they must also submit the following.
    • Official, sealed transcripts from their school.
    • Application and examination fees for the sections they choose. These include the following.
      • Auditing – $222.03
      • Business E & C – $202.51
      • Financial Accounting and Reporting – $222.03
      • Regulation – $202.51
    • South Dakota Re-exam application if applicable.
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodation form if applicable.
  • Candidates must pay all the payments using the coupon they will receive from NASBA.
  • They must then wait for their Notice to Schedule and schedule with Prometric.

Experience Requirements

Aspiring CPAs also need relevant experience to obtain their CPA license after passing their exam. For that, the board has the following requirements.

  • Candidates must take the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Professional Ethics course within 90 days of fulfilling the experience requirements.
  • They must acquire a mandatory one year (or 2,000 hours) of experience, verified by a licensed CPA. For candidates responsible for reports on financial statements, the experience must include a minimum of 375 hours of compilation, audit, and review experience. Overall, the experience should meet the following criteria.
    • It must come through academia, government, industry, or public accountancy practice.
    • It must involve the use of the following.
      • Accounting
      • Attest/audit
      • Consulting or tax skills
      • Financial advisory
      • Management advisory
    • It must total at least 2,000 hours of full- or part-time employment over 1-3 years.
  • Candidates must complete the Certificate of Experience form, including a signature of authorization from their supervising CPA.
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Below is a summary of how to become a CPA in South Dakota.

  • Candidates must obtain a formal education and meet the South Dakota Board of Accountancy requirements.
  • They must then take their Uniform CPA Exam and pass it.
  • After that, they must fulfill the experience requirements set by the board.
  • Lastly, they must apply for their South Dakota CPA license.


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