Step By Step to Become a CPA in Wisconsin (2022)

Wisconsin has similar requirements for CPAs that want to get their license in other states. Certified Public Accountants are professionals in finance-related matters.

They receive their education and obtain experience in a wide variety of competencies. Therefore, they go through a licensure procedure to get certified.

Certified Public Accountants are more competent in their jobs compared to regular accountants or bookkeepers. CPAs can do every task that accountants can do and much more. For example, they also handle taxes for individuals and businesses or perform audits.

With each state having its requirements for CPA licensure, the process differs in different places.

How to become a CPA in Wisconsin?

Getting a CPA license in Wisconsin requires prospective CPAs to complete some requirements. The first step for them is to go through formal education to understand the core accounting concepts.

Once they have their education requirements, they can take the Uniform CPA exam.

Lastly, they must also fulfill experience requirements, where they apply their education practically.

Once candidates satisfy all these requirements, they can apply for their CPA license. In some other states, candidates must also complete continuing education to keep their knowledge and experience up-to-date.

However, the same does not apply to Wisconsin. Therefore, licensed CPAs in Wisconsin can skip the process.

The Wisconsin State Board of Accountancy handles the overall licensures program for CPAs in the state.

Educational Requirements

Like any other state, prospective CPAs must start by completing their educational requirements. It helps them acquire the knowledge necessary to pass the Uniform CPA exam.

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Aspiring CPAs in Wisconsin must fulfill the following requirements for their educational requirements.

  • Prospective CPAs must enroll in a Wisconsin school that offers programs in accounting.
  • Those who are already attending school must ensure that the board will accept their credits.
  • The Wisconsin State Department of Regulation and Licensing requires candidates to complete 150 semester hours of college credit.
  • It also requires them to have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • The board requires the credits from a school accredited by a regional or national institutional accrediting agency.
  • Those who have attended school in another country must offer their credit for assessment by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services member agency. They must also complete courses in business law and income taxation.
  • They must ensure that they have enrolled in the correct courses.

Uniform CPA Exam

Candidates who have completed 120 semester credit hours from the total 150 required can apply to take the Uniform CPA Exam.

The exam tests their knowledge of accounting and finance basics. They must follow the steps given below to take their exam.

  • Candidates must apply through CPA Examination Services online.
  • They must complete and send all required documents with their Uniform CPA Exam application. These may include the following.
    • A transcript from the college they have attended, mailed directly to the CPAES or emailed if electronic.
    • Requests for Americans with Disabilities Act Modification form if applicable.
    • Signed application form.
    • Examination and application fees by check or money order unless paid online.
  • They must wait for their Notification to Schedule and then schedule their CPA exam through Prometric.
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Once candidates take the exam, they must wait for their scores. They can get their scores available online for Wisconsin candidates. The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy also updates the scores.

Experience Requirements

As with any other state, Wisconsin requires aspiring CPAs to undergo practical, hands-on experience to get their licenses.

Through this experience, they can apply their knowledge in real situations. However, candidates must pass the Uniform CPA exam before meeting these requirements.

The experience requirements for aspiring CPAs in Wisconsin include the following.

  • Candidates must complete one year of paid public accounting experience or equivalent determined by the board.
  • The qualified experienced must meet the following criteria.
    • It must be from accounting positions in industry and government with a high level of knowledge, competence, and judgment.
    • It must be positioned in titled accounting, auditing, and financial analysis, and work with comptrollers or anyone working to prepare taxes beyond individual returns.
    • Part-time work can qualify but given little wait.
    • Bookkeeping and elementary individual tax returns do not qualify for the qualified experience.
    • Any self-employment experience may qualify given that the candidate presents it in person to the board for review.
  • Experience equivalents include the following.
    • Experience teaching advanced specialized accounting courses.
    • Experience in law when it involves responsibility for independent accounting decisions and a high level of accounting knowledge, competence, and judgment.


Given below is a summary of how to become a CPA in Wisconsin.

  • Candidates must fulfill the educational requirements.
  • They must take the Uniform CPA Exam and pass it.
  • They must apply for their CPA license in Wisconsin.
  • They must submit their experience information and employment verification statements, including the Verification of Employment and Experience Evaluation form.
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