How to Become a CPA in Delaware? (Update Requirement 2022)

Aspiring CPAs across the US have to obtain their license in the field to work. It allows them to work on more advanced tasks and get better jobs.

One of the reasons for this is that CPAs are professionals in the accounting trade with high standards. These standards come from underlying education and experience.

Each state in the US has a specific accountancy board that overlooks the licensure process for CPAs.

The responsibility of these boards is to regulate the licensure procedure in the state. Similarly, they must ensure that only suitable candidates get a CPA license. The board that overlooks this process in Delaware is the Delaware State Board of Accountancy.

How to Become a CPA in Delaware?

Aspiring CPAs in Delaware must meet the Delaware State Board of Accountancy’s requirements to get their license.

Firstly, the board requires aspiring CPAs to acquire an education that has a specific standard. Next, these CPAs have to prepare for their Uniform CPA Exam.

Once they sit for their Uniform CPA Exam and pass it, aspiring CPAs must obtain professional experience.

This experience must also conform to the Delaware State Board of Accountancy standards. Once aspiring CPAs go through this process, they can apply for their Delaware CPA license.

Educational Requirements

Obtaining formal education to become a CPA in Delaware is crucial. All states require CPAs to have the proper education to acquire relevant knowledge.

This knowledge must come from accounting, business, and other related fields. Once aspiring CPAs go through this process, they can pass their Uniform CPA Exam.

The education, however, must conform to some standards. These standards come from the Delaware State Board of Accountancy. Therefore, aspiring CPAs must ensure their education meets the following requirements set by the board.

  • Aspiring CPAs must enroll in a Delaware university or college that allows them to complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and 150 semester hours of a college education.
  • However, that does not mean they have to start afresh. Those who have already completed the above requirement or gone through it can also apply. However, the Delaware State Board of Accountancy must approve it first.
  • Similarly, those who have obtained education outside the US can also apply. However, they must get an evaluation of their credentials from the Foreign Academic Credentials Services, Inc. or NASBA International Evaluation Services first/
  • Aspiring CPAs must also enroll in proper classes. It must include 24 semester hours of accounting courses. These must consist of auditing, financial accounting, and federal taxation courses.
  • They may also include online courses, given they receive credit at regionally accredited US universities.
  • Unlike in some states, Delaware does not accept correspondence, CLEP, and CPA review courses.
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Uniform CPA Exam

As with any other state, the next step for aspiring CPAs is registering for the Uniform CPA Exam. This exam tests the applicant’s knowledge of the relevant accounting areas.

Similarly, it consists of several sections, each of which applicants have to take and pass. Aspiring CPAs must go through the following process to register for the exam.

  • Aspiring CPAs must apply through the CPA Examination Services (CPAES) either online or through a downloaded application form. They must also submit the following with their application.
    • An official college transcript.
    • A completed, notarized, and signed Attestation Form.
    • International Evaluation or ADA Accommodation form if necessary.
  • They must schedule their exam after receiving their Notification to Schedule.

Experience Requirements

Lastly, aspiring CPAs must meet the Delaware State Board of Accountancy’s experience requirements.

Only those who have passed the Uniform CPA Exam can complete this process. It includes the following criteria.

  • Aspiring CPAs must complete the Professional Ethics: The AICPA Comprehensive Course.
  • They must complete one year of accounting experience under Delaware law. Similarly, it must involve providing advice or services in one or a combination of the following areas.
    • Accounting skills
    • Attest skills
    • Compilation skills
    • Consulting skills
    • Financial advisory skills
    • Management advisory skills
    • Tax skills
  • The experience must be in one of the following areas.
    • Academia
    • Government
    • Industry
    • Public Practice
  • The experience must have occurred within the last 10 years of the application for licensure.
  • Aspiring CPAs must submit an affidavit from each employee through a completed and notarized Affidavit of Work Experience.

Top 10 Accounting Firms In Delaware For CPA

  1. KPMG LLP – With offices in all parts of Delaware, KPMG is one of the top accounting firms in the state, offering services related to audit, business tax, and advisory services.
  2. Marcum LLP – This accounting firm has served clients in Delaware since 2002 and provides accounting and assurance services, taxation and litigation support services, business valuation, and management consulting services.
  3. WithumSmith+Brown PC – This firm focuses on creating insights for companies of all sizes with certified public accountants, auditors, advisors, and consultants who provide financial solutions tailored to their client’s needs.
  4. Grant Thornton LLP– Offering traditional auditing and accounting services, this firm also provides value-added financing solutions and a host of other specialized industry-focused services.
  5. BDO USA LLP– Representing individuals and businesses across many industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, and real estate, among others, this is one of the top 10 accounting firms in Delaware for CPAs with offices in both Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach.
  6. Eide Bailly LLP – Located primarily in Dover but also available throughout current times in Seaford & Georgetown, this firm offers assistance for tax planning and compliance as well as assurance services like audits or outsourced internal auditor resources.
  7. Anders CPA & Advisors – With client service providers located close to each other in two different regions (Dover & Milford), this CPA delivers assurance/ audit, tax planning & consulting related services to local businesses, which assist them in navigating their operations more efficiently while still staying compliant with regulations & laws that they are obligated to abide by forces outside their control.
  8. Geddes Musico LLC– Founded by two dedicated CPAs in 1996, this professional family-owned company specializes in attaining financial success for small to mid-sized businesses allowing them access to a broader range of financial solutions such as bookkeeping guidance or payroll management assistance, for instance.
  9. Georgetown Partners LLC– Established over fifteen years ago, proven reliable expertise is provided through comprehensive financial statements reviews as well as large formats of physical inventory verifications along with taking care of preplanning or development stages when it comes down to ultimately achieving its end goals so here’s where GPL lends its hand with an efficiency that you can rely upon! 
  10. Berkson & Associates Inc.– Accounting professionals here bring a skillset which goes beyond technical proficiency: communication incorporated within every interaction allowing even the most complex problems to be easily solved where solutions are created, keeping everyone involved abreast of everything else that matters so their customers can consider working closely together for better outcomes any time need arises!
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Top 10 Accounting Schools In Delaware For CPA

  1. The University of Delaware – With a nationally recognized accounting program, the University of Delaware offers several degree concentrations in Accounting, such as Taxation, Business Law, and Auditing & Assurance Services.
  2. Wilmington University – Wilmington University offers an Accounting degree program that includes courses related to Auditing, International Accounting, and Governmental Accounting.
  3. Goldey-Beacom College – Goldey-Beacom College offers a Bachelor’s in Accounting, including courses related to Cost Management Systems and Federal Taxation.
  4. Wesley College – Wesley College has an accounting concentration requiring students to complete seven core courses and additional accounting electives to receive their degree.
  5. Delaware State University – Delaware State provides an accounting program with highly skilled professionals dedicated to delivering quality education to students interested in accounting or related careers.
  6. Widener University – Widener’s School of Business Administration is ranked among the top 30 programs in the nation by U.S . News & World Report, and its accounting department offers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees for those who want to pursue a future career in this area of business.
  7. Drexel University Online– Drexel University offers an online master’s program with concentrations that include Financial Reporting & Analysis, Forensic & Investigative Accounting, International Business, and Financial Decision Making, among others.
  8. Delaware Technical Community College– This school features associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in accounting through its multiple campuses across the state, including Dover, Georgetown, or New Castle branches, where students can choose from a broad selection of specific math classes or financial topics relevant for this profession altogether!
  9. University Of The Sciences − An extension of USciences’ main campus located right within Philadelphia featuring only one partnership with nearby Community Colleges since 2013, their Bachelor’s Degree Program covers key aspects like auditing, tax planning & strategies, plus international economics, also not leaving behind entrepreneurial topics too!. 
  10. Cabrini University− Here at Cabrini, you won’t either miss out on any significant faculty members due to their capabilities. Providing expertise and knowledge goes beyond expectation, fulfilling almost any need regarding reaching the practical knowledge required for CPA exam completion while ensuring successful results afterward!
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Why Should CPAs Work In Audit Firms in Delaware?

Working in an audit firm in Delaware offers CPAs several advantages. The first and foremost benefit is the ability to gain access to some of the best accounting software, processes, and latest technologies used within the industry.

This will allow CPAs to stay ahead of their peers in staying abreast with ongoing changes and updates in the accounting landscape.

On top of that, working in an audit firm also offers more control over their career path as they can choose between roles ranging from senior internal auditors to managers responsible for coordinating multiple projects simultaneously.

Furthermore, many audit firms offer attractive salary packages and additional benefits such as medical insurance and retirement plans, making them an attractive option for CPAs seeking growth opportunities.


Given below is a summary of how to become a CPA in Delaware.

  • Aspiring CPAs must obtain formal education that meets the Delaware State Board of Accountancy’s requirements.
  • They must sit for each section of the Uniform CPA Exam and pass them.
  • They must fulfill the Delaware State Board of Accountancy’s experience requirements.
  • They must apply for their certificate or Permit to Practice.


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